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Bird Hunting

About bird hunting in the UK.
Usually 8 guns are required, but we can often make up the extra numbers required or find a day for one or two guests to make the extra numbers up.
Traditionally all guns meet for breakfast with a briefing of what will happen on the day including safety talk.
You will be chauffeur driven around the estate and placed at your shooting stand with an experienced guide, that will stay with you throughout the day.
They carry your gun and cartridges and give you shooting advice during the day so you are free to enjoy your shooting.
You will be treated like an English Lord or Lady for the day.
Very little walking is involved in driven bird hunting, the birds will be carefully and skilfully pushed in your direction, this can be any amount of birds from a handful to hundreds.
Your job as a skilled bird hunter is to hit your targets as they come into range everything else on the day is taken care of for you.
Bird Hunting days range from 50 birds per day between 8 hunters to 500 birds per day between 8 hunters.
We also arrange a simulated bird hunt with clay targets to practice and warm up before trying the real thing.
Bird Hunting
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