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Scottish Highland Red Stag

One week in a highland lodge for one hunter and one non hunter

Pick up at Glasgow airport driven to lodge,

2/3 days hunting hoping to achieve one stag per day leaving 2/3 days exploring the area.

We advise spending 2 nights in Edinburgh before you fly home. Airport runs, food, drinks, accommodation and gun hire all included.

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Normal hunting clothing would be appropriate for deer hunting, such as real tree clothing/camo etc.  In the UK we do not wear hi-viz clothing.  Scottish Highland Stalkers usually wear a traditional tweed shooting suit but it is not a requirement.
For traditional bird hunting it is customary that you wear a shirt and tie. A traditional outfit would be water proof boots, breeks, knee high socks, shirt, tie, jumper and tweed shooting  jacket.
We can source clothing for you, if needed or we can arrange a shopping trip prior to your hunt.  The choice is yours! 
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