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Special Offers

Two Guns

20th October

200-250 Bird Day (Pheasants)

Two Guns

29th October

200-250 Bird Day (Pheasants)

One Gun

30th October

200-250 Bird Day (Partridge)

One Gun

8th December

200-250 Bird Day (Pheasant)

Prices from £1200

All the above are within the Argyll area and can be accompanied with Red Deer Stalking and will include accommodation and food.

150 Birds

- 8 Guns - 4 Teams

- From £6000 for all 8 guns

Dates available throughout November, December and January

Walked Up Grouse

4 - 5 Guns

10 brace day

£1200 + VAT Total

Dates available throughout August, September and October

5-6 nights in December and January

2 full days Pheasant & Partridge

150 bird days

Inclusive of accommodation and food £3800 per hunter (Approx $5000 US)

8 Guns Total


Normal hunting clothing would be appropriate for deer hunting, such as real tree clothing/camo etc.  In the UK we do not wear hi-viz clothing.  Scottish Highland Stalkers usually wear a traditional tweed shooting suit but it is not a requirement.
For traditional bird hunting it is customary that you wear a shirt and tie. A traditional outfit would be water proof boots, breeks, knee high socks, shirt, tie, jumper and tweed shooting  jacket.
We can source clothing for you, if needed or we can arrange a shopping trip prior to your hunt.  The choice is yours! 
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